Disposable Cloth Pulse Oximetry Sensors

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Disposable Cloth Pulse Oximetry Sensors

Designed with an inclusive cable, sensor, and adhesive cloth wrap, Nonin 6000C Series disposable cloth pulse oximetry sensors provide ultimate comfort for patients requiring extended SpO2 and pulse rate monitoring and secure placement. The sensor design features a stretch, tear-resistant cloth for easier placement and fit on the patient, especially for hard-to-fit patients such as infants and neonates, ensuring consistent readings by keeping the sensor in the proper position. Each 6000C Series disposable sensor features Nonin PureLight® technology and Nonin PureSAT® signal processing to provide consistent results from patient to patient and sensor to sensor, even under challenging patient conditions such as low perfusion.


Comfortable Design

Designed with a breathable cloth material for patient comfort


PureLight® Technology

Specified wavelength and light intensity provides consistent readings


Sizes for All Patients

Available in four sizes ranging from neonate to adult

Easy to Use

Illustrated finger guide ensures easy and accurate placement by caregiver or patient

Tear Resistant

Increases the number of times the sensor can be repositioned

Available in a Variety of Sizes

With sizes from neonate to adult you can ensure a proper fit for a reliable reading

Patient Friendly

Not made with natural latex rubber

Special Adhesive

Allows the sensor to be repositioned multiple times as needed

PureLight® Technology
a Nonin Exclusive

PureLight technology provides consistent results, even under challenging patient conditions such as motion and low perfusion

PureSAT® Technology
for Reliable Measurements

Clinically proven PureSAT technology uses intelligent pulse-by-pulse filtering to provide precise, fast, and reliable oximetry measurements

Comprehensive Range
for Every Patient

6000C Series disposable sensors are available in sizes to fit adult, pediatric, infant, and neonate patients, applied to finger, toe, or foot


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  • 6000CA Adult Disposable Cloth Sensor (24 Pack)


  • Single-Use Accessories for WristOx, Adult (Box of 15)


  • 6000CP Pediatric Disposable Cloth Sensor (24 Pack)


  • 6000CI Infant Disposable Cloth Sensor (24 Pack)


  • 6000CN Neonatal Disposable Cloth Sensor (24 Pack)


  • Universal Extension Cable (1m)


  • Universal Extension Cable (3m)


  • Universal Extension Cable (6m)


  • Universal Extension Cable (9m)


  • Right Angle Connector


  • Universal Right Angle Connector (3m)


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